MAM Account

Multi-Account Manager is referred to as MAM. A trader who uses this type of account can control multiple trading accounts from a single master account.The trader's money as well as any investor funds make up the overall equity for this account type.The investor has control over and authority over how their trades are applied because all orders completed through a MAM master account are reflected on each investor's individual account. This might be associated with traded volume, the use of leverage, or other factors. A performance fee and a commission on earnings are possible income streams for the trader and account owner of the MAM.

MAM Account
PAMM Account

PAMM Account

Forex trading using pooled funds is known as PAMM, or Percentage Allocation Management Module Manager. With the use of this PAMM, investors can be a part of a group of sub-accounts that are traded collectively by a money manager or trader who has the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) from clients authorizing them to trade their accounts. Contributing to a PAMM account offers many benefits for investors. First of all, they gain from successful managers' trading skills. Second, they have the option to leave the PAMM at any moment. For the Manager account the opportunity to manage accounts gives them the chance to benefit from both their personal investments and the trades they make for their investors. They have some control over the trading conditions as they can also establish their own terms, which investors must obviously agree to.


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